Dear me,

I remember the first time when I was thirteen and a good-for-nothing guy had broken my heart.

I remember how I had cribbed for a phone just because my “best-friend” had one; the one who always degraded me.

I remember how I use to cry for every little thing.

From teacher’s scoldings to low marks.

From fights among friends to breakups.

From the smallest thing that bothered me to the largest.

All I want to say is that I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for hurting you; physically and mentally.

I’m sorry for all those fights, for all those low self-esteem talks.

I’ve realized that we grow each day.

When I see myself a week (not even a month) back, I realize how much I’ve grown.

How much I’ve grown as a person is what surprises me.

When I look back in time, I realize how stupid I was to let those petty things affect me.

But no more!

You need to have thick skin.

Yes, I see you smiling. Smiling as bright as you can. I see how happy you are.

I love how you’re leaving people who bother you.

Obviously, you can’t murder the ones you dislike but you can surely be happy and ignore the people who hate you.

Just remember that happiness is the key to success. The happier you are, the more successful you become.

Life is full of hurdles. But the adventurous part is how you cross them and win the trophy.

Dear me, I’m sorry and I promise that from now on, I’m not going to let absurd, rather useless things or people affect you.

Dear me, you have a lovely smile, please show it off?

Yours lovingly,


By Arusha Abbani

Class 12

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