How High Is Your World Cup Fever?

While Russia flourishes in the glory of festive mood, football fanatics around the world are gripped by the FIFA World Cup fever. With every game, anticipation rises as France and Croatia head towards the final. Thanks to globalization, we are glued to our television sets, immersed in ninety minutes of visual-emotional treat. Contrary to the age-old perception, these days it’s not just the man of the house who follows the game, but the whole family.

Kids and young adults ardently follow their favourite footballers and teams by hoarding fan merchandise, from T-shirts and caps to posters that adorn their bedroom walls. In addition to the materialistic possessions, they are undeniably thrilled not just during the game, but during the whole tournament. Celebration of the wins and disappointment over the losses often last long after the game is over.

Even with such a wide following, India has never had a representation at the Football World Cup. With cricket given ceaseless attention and other sports shown the backseat, we have no option, but to hoot and cheer for foreign teams and players. Development of any sport depends on the importance it is given at the grass-root level. If children are encouraged to take up the sport they are interested in and given optimum facilities for their progress, we could see an improvement in the near future.

On reflection, there are several health benefits of playing football. Practicing football greatly improves speed, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination and overall cardiovascular endurance of the players. Even though it is one of the most physically demanding games, the players learn to be disciplined as a single mental error can result in a huge blow to the team. Aiming towards one common goal inevitably forms a friendship born out of respect and reliability. Teamwork teaches them the value of human relationships and lays down the foundation for future career. Mental toughness is gained in addition to the physical toughness. All these attributes together make football one of the most rewarding sports that a child can play.

At St.Andrews School, we encourage children to take up a sport that interests them and further, support them in growing that talent. We believe that a child’s education cannot by confined by the four walls of the classroom. Sports play a vital role in creating a well-rounded personality since most of the life skills are acquired by them on the playground. St.Andrews School has one of the best school football team in the twin cities, as proven by their consistent wins in various tournaments over the years. Janame Jayadu is one of our former school team players who went on to play for India in the Asian Football Championship(U-18) in 2015. In the year 2017, W.D.Rahul, K.Milind and Sai Kiran, our ex-students and the only three footballers selected from Telangana, participated in the IBER Cup on behalf of the Football School of India. More players have made the school proud by their representations at various prestigious championships.

St.Andrews hosts John de souza football tournament every year which has surged the sport’s popularity and is eagerly awaited by the football fans in the city. The school boasts of futsal courts and extensive playgrounds for cricket, basketball and athletics. We have invested in contemporary and high-end sports infrastructures, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of Generation Z. We ensure the participation of our students in the inter-school sports events and the CBSE Cluster meets, ultimately aiming to place India in the global sports map.


Dear me,

I remember the first time when I was thirteen and a good-for-nothing guy had broken my heart.

I remember how I had cribbed for a phone just because my “best-friend” had one; the one who always degraded me.

I remember how I use to cry for every little thing.

From teacher’s scoldings to low marks.

From fights among friends to breakups.

From the smallest thing that bothered me to the largest.

All I want to say is that I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for hurting you; physically and mentally.

I’m sorry for all those fights, for all those low self-esteem talks.

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It is a moment of pride that three of St. Andrews School’s ex-students, W. D. Rahul, K. Milind and Sai Kiran (batch of 2014-15), were selected to travel to Barcelona, Spain between the 11th and 16th of July 2017 to participate in the IBER Cup on behalf of the Football School of India. They attended a rigorous training camp in Vashi, Mumbai from the 7th to 10th of July just before setting off.

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