At St. Andrews, we aim to prepare students to be technologically proficient for a globally competitive environment. The Computer Studies Department at school has designed a curriculum that is challenging and enjoyable at the same time. Children learn to use a host of software applications to complete tasks that range from creating images and animations to coding and designing web pages. St. Andrews takes pride in the fact that the Computer Studies curriculum is age appropriate and trains students on both basic and advanced skills according to their capacity and understanding. Students are exposed to computers right from when they enter kindergarten.

When students enter lower kindergarten they attend computer classes once a week and are shown how to operate a computer, how to use a mouse and how they are to sit in a computer lab. Learning to use the mouse enhances these students’ hand to eye coordination which in turn improves their overall growth. As students progress to upper kindergarten, they are not only learning to use the keyboard and type simple words, such as their name, class and section, but they are also being exposed to their first software application. Once students enter primary school they are taught the different keyboard functions and can access a variety of games and puzzles. Over the years, students learn to manipulate commands to create images. Students also learn to type using the correct finger placement.

In Middle School, the applications and operations they learn become more and more complex. Students are now learning to work with spreadsheets and slide presentations. Students are introduced to databases and they learn 3D Animation using codes. As they near the senior school, students learn to create a web page as well as edit photos. Once they reach senior school, students learn coding using HTML which helps them format web pages. Learning these advanced skills in coding and web page development prepares students when it comes to updating their bio-data and applying for jobs. St. Andrews aims to send out students, into the workforce, who are confident in a variety of software skills and applications.

Each year, the Computer Studies Department hosts competitions for its students from all classes and sections. Unlike other competitions where only top performing students are selected to participate, the Computer Department ensures that every student gets to participate and encourages the top three winners with first, second and third prize badges. Primary aged students participate in Tux-A-Do, Tux-O-Art, K-Magic and Code Turtle where they are competing to see who can create the best image. Students of the middle school participate in Meritorious Word, Show-Pro and 3D Animax where they create the most innovative poster, pamphlet and presentation with animations. By the time they reach class 8, students are competing to design the most creative web pages in Web-O-Logic. Senior school students get to be quizzed on their computer know-how in the I.T. Whiz Quiz competitions that tests their technological savvy based on the knowledge they have gained from kindergarten to Class 8.

Computer competitions at St. Andrews offer trendsetting and contemporary learning experiences that will soon feature in the latest Whitefield, Bengaluru branch. St. Andrews has crafted a curriculum that is overtaking the information technology scenario of the best CBSE, ICSE and International schools in Hyderabad and Bangalore.



According to a study, “Good parenting is more important than a good school to a child’s academic success.” Researchers have found that youngsters do best when their parents help them with homework, emphasize the importance of education and attend school events. Here are some of the ways parents can improve their child’s academic performance.

  • Parents can spend time reading with their children. While some parents might take this to mean reading stories to their children, studies have shown that parents who allow their child active participation while reading stories with them have a better chance of improving the literacy of their child.
  • Parents can also spend quality time talking to their children. They can find out about what their child has learned and experienced at school, and they can learn about what motivates their child at school. This could lead to a productive talk on how school is an important part of life bringing about a positive attitude towards education.
  • Talking to their child’s teacher and being involved in their child’s school is another way parents can enhance their child’s performance at school. There are several ways to get involved. Parents can attend conferences, meetings and committees that are geared towards the parents of the school.
  • An intelligent child, without the discipline to work towards their future plans, doesn’t always have a successful career. Parents who want to see their child thrive in school must establish rules in order to inculcate self-discipline, respect and responsibility so that their children can work conscientiously and independently.
  • Since learning is an active process that requires sufficient participation on the child’s part, parents can look for ways to encourage active learning by using everyday experiences as teaching opportunities. For example, they could take their teenage child to the bank and teach them about saving money and opening a savings bank account.
  • Parental ambition in moderation can have a positive influence on a child’s academic results. While it isn’t enough to only look for ‘A’ grades, parents can have hopes, dreams and ambitions for their child and share these with their child. They can also encourage and support their child’s ambitions even though they might be different from their own.
  • Parents have a considerable part to play in their child’s academic success and they need to believe in their child’s capabilities by voicing out their praise and encouragement.

Recent trends from the top CBSE schools in metro cities, such as Bangalore and Chennai, show that parents are using social media to become more active in their child’s school.

Good parenting is critical to boosting children’s academic results. A few more methods for parents to consider are to encourage and support their child to take music lessons, exercise through their favourite sport, sleep undisturbed for eight hours, stick to their study routines, create a homework space, set and follow disciplinary rules, and attend school regularly. Parents can also monitor their child’s peer group, homework time and TV/Internet/Video Game time. They can teach their child how to organize their study time, use the internet effectively and be well prepared to write exams.


With the long summer holidays coming to an end, students and their parents are starting to pack away their bicycles and story books and shake the dust off of their school bags and pencil boxes. Taking a few weeks to prepare for school can set students ahead of their classmates in the race for marks and trophies and allow them time to mentally line up with what the upcoming school year has in store. Here are a few things that students can do to prepare for school.

  • Spacing out your summer holiday homework into smaller goals and setting reminders along the way can provide you with much needed peace of mind.
  • Review your class notes to remind yourself what you learned last year. You don’t have to study for long hours. A quick refresher will get your mind ready for studying and make the first few weeks back easier.
  • Write down the major lessons and ideas that were covered in each subject. It is likely that you will not remember everything, but the very act of recalling previous progress will get your mind ready for studies. Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand all the concepts: reexamining and rediscovering specific topics is a natural part of the learning process.
  • Looking ahead is always useful to give you an idea of where you are headed so that you can set yourself achievable goals. If given the opportunity, get a list or syllabus of what you will be learning about this year.
  • In order to get ahead, it is a good idea to set specific goals. Plan a study schedule and explore extracurricular clubs and activities provided by your school to find an option that matches your interests.
  • Picking a study space that is conducive to mastering your subjects may mean that you need to eliminate distractions, i.e. noise or television.
  • Practice your school day routine by allocating time to study, sleeping and getting up early.  Eat three full meals a day and make sure you plan sufficient breaks for playing and other fun activities.
  • Stay organised by putting together your uniform, school bag, stationery, textbooks, notebooks and project files for your first day in school.


2016 to 2017 has been a year of regional, national and international achievements for St. Andrews School. Students have been recognised individually and collectively for talent and skill in a plethora of competitions. Being a leader in the world of sports, St. Andrews has outshone its peers in basketball, football, cricket, and chess as well as in athletics. As one of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad, St. Andrews is all set to inaugurate a branch in Bangalore and go on to become one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Bangalore in the coming year.

In basketball, the St. Andrews girls’ team won the gold in two of the ten tournaments played over the last year and the boys’ basketball team won the gold in one of the tournaments. Two boys from St. Andrews were selected for the Youth National Basketball Tournament. In football, the boys’ team won two of the five tournaments played in the last year. St. Andrews competed with the top 8 teams in the Hyderabad Cricket Association league to clinch the T20 crown in the 4th Louis Emanuel Premier League. Displaying a high degree of perseverance and consistency, the boys from St. Andrews School emerged as champions of the 13th Rev. Fr. Devasia Chess Tournament.

The athletes of St. Andrews have done their school proud by winning a total of 45 gold medals, 30 silver medals and 18 bronze medals in 5 different athletic meets over the last year including the Hyderabad District Athletic Meet and the CBSE Cluster Meet. During the NCC camp, the boys secured second place in the 200 meters relay race and the entire NCC contingent secured second place in the March past competition.

The prestigious general knowledge quizzes run by the CBSE, CNN News 18 and the Times NIE saw the St. Andrews School participants win laurels for their alma mater. In the interschool competitions, St. Andrews proved to be a worthy competitor beating out all other schools to win the Face-off Debate Tournament. In addition, St. Andrews was declared the clear winner of Infinity, the Interschool Maths Championship, as they defeated 12 other schools.

Individually, students have contributed to St. Andrews’ growing list of credentials. S. Manish Sivakumar scripted a glorious win for the country in artistic skating at the 17th Asian Roller Skating Championship 2016 held in China. P. Vishruth, Varun S. and Ashish Mark Cross participated in the first Telangana State Inter District Football Championships in the Under 18 category. They participated on behalf of Ranga Reddy District and it was declared the champion district out of nine other districts. P. Vishruth was also selected to participate in the Indian football (futsal) team in Paraguay. P. Vishruth participated and won in the Third Students’ Olympic National Games for Andhra Pradesh in the under 17 category. Dhimath Naidu was given the Best Defender title and Ashish Cross was awarded the Best Goalkeeper prize at the Sachdeva Interschool Football Tournament.

Teddy Rahul was declared the best athlete in the Under 14 boys’ category of the Hyderabad District Athletic Meet after winning two gold medals for the 100 meters race and long jump competition. Parul Das won the 100-metre dash in the Under 14 Girls category and Nitesh Yadav won the 800 metres race in the Under 17 Boys category at the CBSE Cluster VII Athletic Meet. K. Pranati, the Zee Telugu Saregama Lil Champ, sang in the playback chorus for the Telugu movie Bahubali 2. Sanjeevani Choudhary won the Drawing and Painting Competition conducted by the NIMS Hospital in Hyderabad.

St. Andrews is hoping that the Bangalore school will replicate achievements, exceed in her accomplishments and become established as one of the best schools in Bangalore.


Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal and can be challenging. In a city like Bangalore where the educational arena is more discerning and competitive, it’s common and normal for parents to be concerned about getting this decision right. Parents need to think about what will work best for their child’s personality, strengths, needs and interests. This article outlines a few factors for parents to keep in mind when choosing from among the best schools in Bangalore.

  • Parents might consider how different schools’ cultures and values sit with their family values and family life when going for school admissions.
  • Another factor to reflect upon when choosing a school in Bangalore is the infrastructure. Large playgrounds and wide open spaces as provided by the best international schools are ideal for a child’s physical development.
  • Physical activity is critical to the development of a child’s gross motor skills and it also promotes overall health and well-being. Schools should offer plenty of opportunities for active play in the form of a diverse extra-curricular schedule.
  • In addition, a research study states that well-qualified and skilled teachers are one of the important factors when it comes to parents selecting the right school for their child. Parents want to be sure that their child’s teacher is experienced and qualified.
  • One more guideline when choosing a school is the behaviour management of the school. It is important to assess the approach to discipline that the teacher takes when conflicts occur or problem behaviours arise.

When planning for admissions in the top schools in Bangalore, these are a few more aspects to consider: Does learning happen outside the classroom and textbooks? What is the safety and security like at the school? Does the school provide transportation? How affordable are the fees? How is the technology used? How are children assessed? Are children with learning disabilities catered for? How are involvements and achievements outside school supported? While it is probable that parents would use these questions to select from among the best schools in Bangalore, this list can also guide parents in other metropolitan cities of India.

The school that a child embarks their educational journey in will have a lasting impact on their formative years and more importantly provide the framework for their remaining adult life. Consequently, to ensure the happiness of their child as well as secure their child’s future, parents’ need to pay attention to these aspects in order to choose the school that is the right fit for their child.         


St. Andrews has taken a bold leap of faith with the development of its 8th campus amongst the schools in Whitefield, Bengaluru. This expansion across states comes with the responsibility to maintain the standards that St. Andrews is well known for in Hyderabad. As St. Andrews gears up to graft one of their branches in the Silicon Valley of India, they are meticulously and methodically incorporating the Whitefield campus with a reputable combination of ground-breaking teaching-learning processes, life-enhancing values and state of the art infrastructure.

St. Andrews offers an affordable yet holistic education with the CBSE national curriculum. Over the last three decades, it has gained the reputation of being one of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad and is sure to earn the same standing in Bangalore.  St. Andrews vision for quality education has outworked into an innovative, creative and challenging curriculum that is student-centred, hands-on and inquiry-based.

St. Andrews takes a vested interest in its teachers, providing them with consistent training and support. The faculty enrichment programme has been introduced to enhance teaching skills and to configure strategies that transform education through technology.

St. Andrews realizes that education is not just about the acquisition of knowledge and skills and is proactive in the field of extracurricular activities that enhances the creative talent and practical abilities of their students.

St. Andrews value based education system actively promotes and expects the highest standard of integrity from their students at all times preparing them for the world outside. Some of these values include a respect for one another, punctuality, organization, taking responsibility and working hard as a team.

Sports are a great way to inspire teamwork and are an integral part of the St. Andrews curriculum. Student teams regularly represent the school in cricket, basketball, football, chess and athletics and win laurels at both the regional and national levels.

St. Andrews has designed and implemented cutting edge sports facilities that are at par with the international schools in Bangalore. St. Andrews, Whitefield features an 8000 sq ft playground area for the primary school. To compete amongst the best schools in Bangalore, St. Andrews is building a 22,000 sq ft multi-purpose flood-lit playground with an international size (60 metre) cricket pitch and a running track for athletics.

Indoors, the ground floor classrooms in the primary block have been constructed. They have abundant ventilation and open out into their own individual courtyards landscaped with fruit trees. All the classrooms are equipped with smart boards and are under CCTV surveillance. The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled and is powered by solar panels increasing its technological and environmental value amongst the top schools in Bangalore.

The Whitefield branch will showcase these tried and tested features of the Andrewite education. That, in turn, will pave the way for the school to start its latest campus and ensure that St. Andrews, Whitefield becomes one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore.


School summer holidays are an endless set of days that can, on the one hand, be thrilling to a child and on the other hand be overwhelming to a parent. As the end of term approaches, parents can take the opportunity to proactively plan this extended vacation. The climate in Bangalore during the long summer months is ideal for recreational activities as the sun is out for prolonged periods without being overbearing and the skies are mostly clear of rain bearing clouds. Taking advantage of the clement weather, many of the schools in Bangalore hold sports camps during the summer holidays. This also benefits parents as they can search for the best schools that provide summer sports camps in Bangalore in order to give their children an opportunity to develop well-rounded skills and abilities.

It has been scientifically proven that physical activity has a beneficial effect on the brain function of growing children. Exercise improves each child’s memory and increases their attention span.

Also, sports inculcate perseverance and problem-solving skills in children giving them the ability to assertively deal with life’s challenges.

In addition, playing sports involves teamwork where children learn to develop and execute plans, delegating them to those best equipped.

Moreover, while playing sports, children have to communicate effectively in order to rely on each other, encourage each other, and work together to reach a common goal. Likewise, sports help children dream and set goals as they learn how to make the team. Similarly, when kids are fully immersed in activities like practising, doing drills, and developing new skills, they see and feel progress which in turn fosters their desire to set new and bigger goals.

The best schools hire coaches who are at the top of their game to train their students in Bangalore. During these coaching sessions, the little sports enthusiasts gain self-esteem and are inspired to be trustworthy. Not only are they encouraged by their coaches, but they also achieve set goals, exceed expectations, and grow in confidence. Similarly, sports teach children to do things on their own which in turn helps them gain self-confidence and autonomy.

Furthermore, children learn how to score, tackle their opponent, and anticipate their moves thereby teaching them how to think strategically.

On top of everything, children will be excited to play sports, without realising that they are gaining all these valuable skills. Parents can introduce their children to the wonderful world of sports to keep them gainfully occupied in wholesome activities. The earlier parents search out the top schools that provide summer sports camps in Bangalore for their children, the earlier healthy habits are embedded into their children’s routines and the benefits are felt in their children’s overall development, growth and health.                                           


St. Andrews School is located amidst tranquil surroundings in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad, Telangana and Bengaluru, Karnataka. Founded in 1985 by the Emanuel family, St. Andrews School is deeply devoted to the commitment of providing quality education at an affordable cost to all sections of society. The school has such a rich and extended history of constantly evolving and embracing new trends. Our facilities, curriculum, course offerings, make St. Andrews a dynamic place to be in.

The quintessential school has students aged 3 through senior secondary and is a proud community of over 8,000 students and 600 mentors. The school offers the CBSE Curriculum, for the primary, secondary and senior secondary classes, that is rich, challenging and focuses on promoting intellectual, social and cultural energy among its learners, promoting a sound, vibrant and holistic school education that nourishes excellence in every sphere of student development.

The school has contemporary and up-to-date facilities that provide a safe and secure learning environment. The school’s greatest asset is its dedicated and talented faculty, who constantly challenge themselves and the students to participate completely in the holistic learning process.

Admissions for each academic year begin in October for Bengaluru and in the month of December for Hyderabad, for the following academic year. New students are chosen on the basis of interests and skills as well as parental understanding and commitment to the unique pedagogy and vision of the school. Admissions are open for the reception class (Lower Kindergarten) and senior secondary and admission into other classes are based on availability.

Please visit for more information about the school.



Everyone knows what parents and the general public think about school. People talk about it every day. But what do the ones who are at the receiving end think, namely students? We tried to find out. In a candid interaction with six year old twins, Jaden Ethan Rao and Chawon Natalia Rao, shared their love for the school, without any inhibitions. Jaden and Chawon are students of grade I and are very chirpy and lively. They have their own views on any given topic and are ever ready to meet people.

Do you love school?

Jaden: I love St. Andrews School. It’s fun to come to school. I love to play games, all the time. It’s kind of fun.

Chawon: Oh, I love school. I love to play with Jadu and Chirag, they are my best friends.

What do you like about school?

Jaden: I love the watchmen; they are always in uniform with a stick in their hand and taking care of us. I like to play with that stick. I feel like a hero.

Chawon: I love the school because Jadu is here.

Who is your favourite teacher?

Both: We love all of them. We don’t know their names, but all are very nice. They make us play and teach us.

What will you do if you get lost in school?

Jaden: I will never get lost. I know the school so well.

Chawon: I once got lost, but Jadu took me to class again.

What is your favourite subject?

Jaden: I don’t like to study, but I love English.

Chawon: I love Number Work. I love counting.

Do you love reading books?

Jaden: I don’t like books.

Chawon: I love reading books on animals, especially ducklings and dogs. My doggy’s name is Patchy. We both love him and play with him.

Do you love your school uniform?

Both: Yes, we love our uniform, but we don’t want to go to big classes. We like it here.

For many children, school is their first sustained experience of socialisation outside home. Early Childhood teachers are specialists with this age group. St. Andrews School proudly boasts of offering an environment that is not only conducive and positive, but also enjoyable.


I managed to track down the celebrated white house members of St. Andrews on the occasion of their school farewell. I wanted to ask them a few questions about their time spent at the school and find out more on their hopes and dreams. They shared their stories of how the school has impacted them as well as their aspirations that would propel them into their futures. I started with interviewing Ashnita Butt (School Captain, 2016-17), went on to chatting with Lisa Campos (Sports Captain, 2016-17) and rounded it off by discussing vocations with Rohan Datta (School Captain, 2016-17).

Interviewer: How do you feel about finishing school and graduating?

Ashnita: Today’s prayer service has touched my heart, and I feel very emotional and overwhelmed that this day is finally here. I will miss this place and my friends. It has not yet sunk in, and I am finding it hard to accept that we are leaving.

Interviewer: How long have you been studying at St. Andrews?

Ashnita: I joined St. Andrews playschool in 2002, and I have spent 15 amazing years here.

Interviewer: What are your fondest memories from school?

Ashnita: Every moment has been wonderful; however, I can say that becoming school captain in Class X and Class XII are the ones that stand out. Ever since I was in UKG, it has been my dream to become a captain. Planning picnics and other events like Founders Day and Teachers Day are some other memories that will stay with me.

Interviewer: Who is the one that inspired you the most at school?

Ashnita: My Class VIII teacher, Mrs. Bhavani, was the one who inspired me the most. I was a very shy girl till Class VI. Once I reached Class VIII, Mrs. Bhavani got the best out from me and helped me to love Mathematics. She was the one who suggested my name to the selection committee as a potential vice-captain. She believed in me and encouraged me to step into this role.

Interviewer: What was your toughest challenge at St. Andrews?

Ashnita: In Class XII, I have learned to juggle my studies and my duties as a school captain which was a major challenge for me. I had to learn to prioritize my time between planning events and class work.

Interviewer: What did you learn (apart from curricular and extracurricular activities) at St. Andrews? What can you say St. Andrews has taught you/given you?

Ashnita: St. Andrews has taught me to be true to myself. I used to find it very hard to make decisions, and my thoughts would easily get swayed trying to please people. St. Andrews has given me the courage to be strong and stand firm in what I believe. I wouldn’t be the person I am without St. Andrews.

Interviewer: What are your achievements through St. Andrews?

Ashnita: I have been part of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) as well as I have been an athlete for St. Andrews. I have received the Governors’ Gold Medal for my involvement in the NCC.

Interviewer: Will you come back and visit?

Ashnita: Yes definitely, I have a sister in Class VIII so I will be back to meet my teachers.

Interviewer: How do you think St. Andrews will change in the next 5 to 10 years?

Ashnita: The level of competition might increase, and it might get tougher for students.

Interviewer: What will remain the same at St. Andrews in the next 5 to 10 years?

Ashnita: Things that might remain the same are the attitude as well as the feeling of happiness and security from the shared moments of camaraderie amongst students.

Interviewer: If you have to create a time capsule* for St. Andrews what items would you include?

*Time capsule – a container storing a selection of objects chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future. (

*Time capsule – A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians. (

Ashnita: I would include our school uniform which signifies being a part of student life as well as our sashes which depict what it means to be a school captain. Also, I would add a book which stands for the academics at our school as well as our library. Furthermore, I would put in the capsule a basketball or any other sports equipment such as a spiked athletic shoe which demonstrates that our school excels at sports. Finally, I would incorporate a plant to prove the greenery of our school.

Sports captain at St. Andrews for the year 2016-17, Lisa Campos, a class XII student, looked pretty in a pink sari at the farewell party held for her class in mid-February 2017. When asked how she was feeling on the occasion, she said that she had jumbled emotions and was sad to leave yet excited for what the future held. She has a desire to study the humanities as well as further pursue a master’s degree in social work. Initially, she wants to stay in Hyderabad but would soon want to expand her horizons abroad possibly at the master’s level. When asked what St. Andrews meant to her she did not hesitate to say “home” and that she was going to miss being a part of it.

Rohan Datta is a confident and enterprising personality and is the school captain of St. Andrews for the year 2016-17. He had some hidden talents to share at the school farewell party. After his speech, expressing his gratitude for the party, he sang an original song “Count On You” with engaging lyrics interpreting the meaning of friendship. When asked whether the song was indeed written and composed by him he seemed incredulous that it was otherwise. As the story goes, two weeks ago, during preparations for the event, a friend found out that he had just written this song and coaxed him to present it on the day. Rohan shared that he started penning poems in Class VI and composing songs in Class XI. When asked whether he wants to make a career of his talent he said that it was going to be his vocation but that he wants to become a research scientist in nanotechnology.